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(Version 1.3.5)

It is possible to allow a View to be copied by others. Copying a View duplicates layout and artefacts in their entirety, and that duplicate can then be edited, and optionally made allow copies in turn.

To allow copying of a View

To allow one of your own Views to be copied, select My Portfolio -> My Views -> Edit View access -> Allow copying. Repeat for each View for which you want to allow copying.

N.b. it is also possible to allow copying for Views created within Groups.

To copy a View

  1. If you want to copy a View to My Portfolio, select My Portfolio -> My Views. Alternatively, if you want to copy a View to one of your Groups, select Groups -> Views.
  2. Select the Copy A View button.
  3. Links to all the Views you are entitled to copy will load. If there are too many to browse, use Search.
  4. When you have found the View, select its adjacent Copy View button.
  5. The View creation wizard will come up to allow you edit the View's title, content and access.