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No one is able to see your view until you give them access. You can give access in different combinations:

  • Public - anyone with internet access
  • Logged in Users - anyone who has a Mahara account
  • Friends - people who you have added as Friends on Mahara
  • Secret URL - anybody to whom you send this secret Web address
  • to individuals
  • to Groups
  • for a fixed period of time

To give access to your View to an individual User or a Group

  1. Locate the Search box
  2. Use its pulldown menu to set the search to Groups or individual Users
  3. Enter their name and select the Search button (n.b. it doesn't work to press the Enter key)
  4. From the results, find the person or Group you wish to give access to
  5. Select the Add button adjacent to each.
  6. If necessary, restrict their access to a certain dates
  7. When you are ready, remember to Save


Overriding Start/Stop Dates

You might have set different access dates for different users, but decide later that you want to configure all your dates in one go. To do this, go to the bottom of the view screen and select Overriding Start/Stop Dates

Submitting a View (Controlled Groups only)

If you are preparing a View as part of an assessed task and you have been added as a member of a Controlled Group, you will be able to submit your View for assessment.

Go to My Views, choose a View and choose Submit this View to the relevant Group in the drop down box.

This will lock the View title, layout and uploaded Artefacts. Note that it will not lock contact details and Blog posts. Your View can them be marked by a tutor and released back to you with any comments.



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