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Creating a View

You can see a range of different views in the gallery on the Mahara site

Creating a View entails:

  • arranging a selection of your materials (either uploaded by you, aggregated from somewhere else on the Web, or typed directly into the View)
  • giving access to your View (with the option to restrict access by time, Group membership, and/or individual)

Mahara guides you through the process of creating a View with a wizard that lets you drag and drop different blocks around the screen, and populate them with different content.

What kinds of things can be added to Views?

The types of blocks available include

  • Blogs – show selected posts from your blog or your entire blog
  • External feeds – content from RSS web addresses
  • Files images and video – from your file storage area or external video addresses
  • Text Box allows content to be created and formatted with editor
  • Profile – selected information from your profile in Mahara * Resume – selected information from your resume in Mahara

Before you begin

Prior to creating a View, you will find it easier to have uploaded a sample of different Artefacts (i.e. files) with which to experiment when designing your first layout.