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What is an RSS 'feed'?

CommonCraft have produced a really clear introduction: RSS in plain English.

Contemporary websites are not static but change frequently as new pages are added. Before feeds were invented, we had to repeatedly check a given web site for changes, which required us to maintain an awareness of what the site contained before so that we could recognise the new content.

These days, many sites 'feed' content, allowing us to 'aggregate' updates to, say, blogs (including your Mahara blog if you have one), news sites and social networking services in a 'feed reader'.

(In case you were wondering, 'RSS' stands for 'really simple syndication.)


How do I find a feed?

One way to find a feed is to look for a link to RSS either on the page, or in your Web browser's address bar. It may look like this:

Once you have arrived on the page (it will look like a list of items with titles) then copy its Web address from your Web browser's address bar. You'll paste this in the next stage.

And in Mahara?

In Mahara, you display feeds within a block in a View.

External (non-Mahara) RSS feeds can be included in a View, as well as any Mahara blog configured to be accessed that way.

Add an RSS feed to a View as follows:

  1. In your View's Edit mode, drag the RSS feed icon to your desired location
  2. The Configuration dialog box then opens

  3. Give it a brief and meaningful title
  4. Paste the Web address of the feed into the Feed Location box (coloured red)
  5. If you are feeding images, you may wish to check the Show Feed Items In Full box - this means that the images themselves will display, as well as their titles.
  6. Remember to Save.
  7. Preview your View to check everything is in order

Please note

  • RSS feeds are always updated once every hour. The frequency can be changed but only directly in the database (the "blocktype_cron" table).


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