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Feel free to experiment in Mahara - anything you create you can easily edit or delete.

You may want to create your View in a Group if it is a collaborative creation, but for the purposes of this guide, let's assume we are creating a View for which you are the sole author in your Portfolio as follows:

  1. Click on My Portfolio
  2. Your Portfolio loads, with the Views tab displayed
  3. Click the Create View button
  4. An editable layout loads, with a row of tabs enabling you to add different types of content - these draggable elements are called Blocks
  5. Look carefully at the page, note the links and the instructions
  6. Let's now select a Block with your mouse and drag it below the line to the location you want it to appear in the View.
  7. You can do this with any of the Blocks from any tabs
  8. Note the link to Change My View layout
    Click on this to change the number of columns and width of the columns that the blocks will fit into.
    Click Next and you can select column width layout.
    view layouts.png

    When the view looks Ok then select Change My View Layout to return to your new View layout.
  9. When you have finished adding Blocks of content, click Next to proceed

Please note:

  • The "Embedded Media" blocktype will only display certain file types, which are chosen from this list by your site adminstrator.


  • Create view step 1.jpg
  • Create view step one.png
  • View layouts.png