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The Mahara user manual moved to

Each view has a place feedback link at the bottom where feedback to the view owner can be added.


  • Feedback can be deleted by the owner of the view. Select the view with the feedback and select the Delete button
  • Enable/Disable feedback on each view - MyPortfolio > My Views > Edit Title and Description- select Allow comments
  • Add Multiple files to feedback - select the + to add another file after selecting the Place Feedback link
  • Feedback owner and author need to both agree to make feedback public
    When a comment is made that is not public there will be a Make public link next to the private feedback. The view owner and author both need to select this link before the feedback is made viewable to others with access to the view
  • Import/export feedback
    You are now able to include the feedback for a view when you use the import and export facility – previously feedback was not included.
  • Feedback email notification in html
    Feedback that has been formatted with the text editor will be emailed in html to retain the formatting (if you allowed in your email program)