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The Mahara user manual moved to

(This information is intended primarily for teachers and Mahara Administrators.)

Set Up

Create a Course Group

  • Groups (tab) > Create Group (button)
  • Group type: Course (either Controlled or Request, as appropriate for your site)
  • Group type "Course" is only available to users with either the Site Staff or Site Administrator role
  • Suggestion: If the views are being submitted as a course assignment, include the word "Assignment(s)" in the title to distinguish this group from in-class working teams or groups. E.g. ENGL 1000 Assignments

Add Members to the Course Group

  • Group members (e.g. students) can be added by Group Administrator, Site Staff, or Site Administrator
  • Group Administrator (teacher)
    • The person who will be assessing the submitted views should be added as the Group Administrator. Typically this would be the teacher, tutor or adviser.
    • Site Staff or Site Administrator role is needed to be able to add a Group Administrator.
    • Site Administration (tab) > Administer Groups (link) > (search for group)
    • Edit group (button)
    • Search for potential members, select their name from the results list, use arrow button to transfer them to the right column. Use 'Save' button.
    • Suggestion: Site Staff/Administrators will want to remove themselves as Group Administrators unless they want to receive all view submission notifications.
  • Members can be added from their profile page, or many users can be added at once via the process below.
  • Groups (tab) > My Groups (link) > (select group from list) > Members (sub-tab) > "add many users at once" (link in header text)
  • Search for potential members, select their name from the results list, use the arrow button to transfer them to the right column. Use the 'Submit' button to save.

Process to Submit a View for Assessment

  • Once an author (student) has been added to a Course Group, a new option will appear at the bottom of all their views: "Submit this page to (drop-down list of Course Groups) for assessment"
  • Author is warned "If you submit '(view name)' to '(Course Group name)' for assessment, you will not be able to edit the page until your tutor has finished marking it. Are you sure you want to submit this page now?"
  • Once a view has been submitted, most of the contents is locked and cannot be updated until the view is released back to the author. Exceptions include the author's profile and blog.

Process to Assess a View and Return It to the Author

  • When an author (student) submits a view for assessment, the Group Administrator (teacher) is notified
  • View appears on the Group Administrator's Groups (sub-tab) > (Group name) > under Group Pages, Pages Submitted to this Group (headings). Includes a time-stamp of when the view was submitted.
  • Group Administrator (teacher) optionally provides feedback, and then uses the "Release page" button to return the view to the author (student).


Fairly long (~20 min), but good overview and demo of submit for assessment process.

Mahara v1.4.0