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The Mahara user manual moved to

The My Files area is a repository and document store for folders and files to use within your portfolio. Both folders and files are considered Artefacts and as such can be added to a View. You may create any number of folders or sub folders. To view which sub-folders and files sit within a folder, click on the folder name. Use the Home link to return to the top level folder directory. Files and folders can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them to other folders. A suitably named and organised filing structure will help with the long term organisation and retrieval of your Artefacts.

You will find that some folders are automatically created by the system such as ‘Blogfiles’. This folder includes files that are uploaded via a Blog posting. Deleting a file here will remove it from you Blog posting. my files.png

The file management interface has been changed in v1.2 to

  • allow the uploading of multiple files
  • uploading of zip files and unzipping these in mahara.
  • drag and drop Files to folders

The files that you are able to access are now organised into four different areas

  • My Files  - files belonging to you
  • Group files – files belonging to groups you belong to
  • Institution Files – files belonging to the institution you belong to
  • Site Files – files belonging to the myportfolio site

You can use any files you have access to in views you create.>


  • My files.png