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Tags allow you to include a user defined classification scheme for your Artefacts and Views. You can add individual words, or phrases. Multiple tags can be added and must be separated by a Comma. 

For example if your artefact was a Biology assignment you might add the following tags: 

Biology, Assignment, Semester 1 

Tip  - When you next go to upload an Artefact, you can click on Show my tags to view a list of all tags you have previously used. This can save time if you need to frequently upload Artefacts with the same tags. Simply click on any relevant existing tags, and they will be added to your new Artefact. 

Over time your tags list will develop into a comprehensive list of keywords for your Artefacts and will aid the search process. 

Each file you upload includes the following fields in which information can be added:

Name - You can add a title when uploading a file, otherwise it will default to the existing file name.

Description – You may choose to give your file a description.

Tags - You can add tags to Artefacts and Views you create within Mahara. Tags allow you to add descriptive labels to Artefacts and Views and create an index of tag classifications.
Once you have added the required fields, click Upload to add the file to your repository area. When this is completed you will see an onscreen notification.
If you attempt to upload a file with the same name as an existing Artefact in your repository area, you will be given the option of overwriting the existing file, renaming the new file or cancelling the upload process.

Tags have been improved to make it easier to create descriptive tags and search for artefacts based on their tags. The tagged content in mahara has been organised into Files, Images, Text, Views areas.
Using Search Mahara you can find all of the Artefacts and Views you have associated with a particular Tag, thereby creating a filing system or index for your portfolio.

Creating Tags

Select the Artefact and select Edit
Change type in the tag name

To add an existing tag select the Show my tags link above and then click on the tag that you want to use. You can add multiple tags for each artefact – separate each tag with a comma.

Organising tags

There is a tag block on the right hand column that has all your tags shown


This is a tag cloud where the tags that have been used more have a larger font size.
Click on the Tags link above to get the following screen which helps organise the tags.

tag search.png

Edit Tags

This lets you change or delete a tag that has been used in your artefacts

taggs edit.png

Managing tags

To help manage your tags you can sort your tags alphabetically, by frequency


  • Tag search.png
  • Taggs edit.png
  • Tags.png