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Click on Blog title and select Add Post. If it is a new Blog there will also be a message that says ‘No posts yet. Add one’.  

add blog post.png

Give your Blog post a title and in the HTML text editor, add your thoughts!  


You can add Tags to Blogs and Blog posts you create within Mahara. Tags allow you to add descriptive labels to Blogs and create an index of tag classifications. Add words or phrases separated by commas. So for this example, the following tags have been added:


eLearning, Staff development, pedagogy 

Tip  - When you add subsequent Blog posts, you can click on Show my tags to view a list of all tags you have previously used. This can save time if you need to frequently upload Artefacts with the same tags. Simply click on any relevant existing tags, and they will be added to your new Artefact. 

Over time your tags list will develop into a comprehensive list of keywords for your Artefacts and will aid the search process. 

new blog post.png

Save as draft 

If you would like to come back to your Blog posting at a later time to add or modify it, you can hold off from publishing it by saving it as a Draft by ticking the 'This post is a draft' checkbox. When your post is a draft, no one except you can see it. 

save as a draft.png

Save post 

When you have completed your posting and you are happy with it, select Save Post.

If the Blog post has been marked as Draft, it will appear as Draft and can be published later.  

marked as draft.png

If the Blog post has not been marked as draft, it will appear as Published. In both cases the full Blog post will be displayed, along with its title and date and time of which it was posted. The parent title of the Blog to which it belongs is indicated in bolder type at the top of the screen.



marked as published.png

Note: Saving and publishing your post means that it is saved and stored in the My Blogs area.  It does not mean that other users can yet read it. Until you decide to make it available by adding it to a View and assigning access rights, nobody else will be able to see or comment on it. 

Whilst a Blog itself is considered an Artefact, so are any individual Blog postings you create. This means that both Blogs and individual Blog posts can be added to a View.

Remember that until you add it to a View, your Blog remains visible only to you. 


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