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When reading another person’s Blog, via a View, you may be able to submit comments on their posts. To comment on another user’s Blog, open the applicable View, click on the Blog’s name or title and select the Place Feedback option at the bottom of the screen. Currently this will only work if a user has chosen to display Recent Blog Posts in their View. This displays a list up to a maximum of 10 most recent posts, by title.  

Other users with access rights to the View can click on a title and submit Public or Private Blog Comments (Feedback). Public Feedback may be seen by other users who have access to the View. Private Feedback is only visible to the View owner. A View owner may choose to make your public feedback private, but not vice versa.  


Tip: To edit your Blog description, view the Blog list in My Blogs, click on the title and select Settings. You can now amend the title or description of your Blog.  


  • Prevent comments on blog posts
    There is now an Allow comments field that can be set for each blog post
    MyPortfolio > My Blogs > New Post > Allow comments
    By default this is turned on – if you don’t want others to make comments on your posting then untick this box.