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You may upload or attach files to a Blog posting. Files added to a Blog posting are automatically stored within your file repository area in a folder called ‘Blogfiles’ and contribute to your file storage quota. 

When attempting to upload a file you will always see the following copyright notice. copyright notice.png

In order to progress, you must comply and agree to the Copyright notice by ticking the copyright box.

Browse your desktop in the usual way to find a file or image to upload. When attempting to upload a file you will see the following fields: 

Name - You can add a title when uploading a file, otherwise it will default to the existing file name. 

Description – You may choose to give your file a description 

Tags – You can add tags to Artefacts and Views you create within Mahara. Tags allow you to add descriptive labels to Artefacts and Views and create an index of tag classifications. 

Once you have filled in the required fields, click Upload to complete the add file process. You will see a confirmation message and details of the attached file. 

attached files.png


  • Attached files.png