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This option lets users save their eportfolio so they can use it at another place of learning and helps support life long learning.

Select My Portfolio > Export


Export formats

Standalone HTML Website

Select this if you are not going to be using mahara or a LEAP2A eportfolio system in the future or the site that has your portfolio.
Select Generate Export
A zip file will be generated called

This file will contain all of the folders and files from your view with navigation to pages also created.

To view your eportfolio files in your web browser – unzip the mahara export file (usually done by double clicking the file)  and open the index.html file.


This is a standard specification for eportfolios that was developed with other eportfolio systems to enable information to be shared between eportfolio systems. Its purpose is to represent information that an individual creates or controls, the specification is stable and is also able to be extended.

Choose LEAP2a if you want to export this to another eportfolio system that supports this. Click on other LEAP2A compliant systems link to see the other eportfolio systems that support this standard.

Select Just some of my Views if you don’t want to export all your views

export selection.png
There is a preview of the view in case you are not sure what the view looks like.


  • Export.png
  • Export selection.png