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This capability allows users package and export their portfolio in different formats. The exported portfolio can either be a stand-alone web site (HTML format), or in a format which can be imported to another compatible portfolio environment (LEAP2A format).

It's a good idea to export in different formats.

To open the Export options:

  1. Log into your Mahara account
  2. Select My Portfolio > Export

Export formats

Standalone HTML Website

It's a good idea to export in different formats.


Select the Standalone HTML Website option if you aren't going to have access to Mahara or other LEAP2A portfolio environment. The Standalone HTML Website format allows you to refer to or present your Portfolio as navigable web pages in a web browser.

  1. Select Generate Export
  2. A zip file (i.e. a compressed bundle of files) will be generated called something like This file will contain all of the folders and files you opted to export, according to the way you have organised them.
  3. Save the file somewhere you can find it.

It's a good idea to check your Portfolio has exported as anticipated. To view your exported Portfolio files in a web browser:

  1. Unzip the mahara export file (usually done by double clicking the file, selecting all the contents, and selecting Extract or similar - consult your file management's Help if necessary.)
  2. Open the index.html file.
  3. You will see your Portfolio, along with navigation.
  4. Check everything is as you intended


JISC has a non-technical rationale (PDF format) for the LEAP2A format, which begins:

"Leap2A is an open specification for transferring learner-owned information between different systems. e-Portfolio tools and systems are now widely used by learners to present evidence of learning, achievements and abilities for many purposes, including application for a job or university, assessment or professional accreditation. During their studies, these learners may invest significant time and effort in collecting, selecting, reflecting on and presenting the information included in their e-portfolios, so it is vital that their work doesn’t disappear or become unusable as learners move to another college, university or into the workplace."

So LEAP2A allows portfolios developed in one environment (in this case, Mahara) to be exported in a format compatible with other portfolio environments, assuming they adhere to the LEAP2A standard (to see a list of compatible environments, click on other LEAP2A compliant systems link).

Choose LEAP2A if you intend to import your portfolio into a compatible environment.

To export part of a portfolio

Select Just some of my Views if you don’t want to export all your views

export selection.png

There is a preview of the view in case you are not sure what the view looks like.