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You may create as many Groups as you wish.

To create a Group go to My Groups and select Create Group.

From the Group Membership type select preferred Group from the drop down box

Creating Groups in Mahara version 1.5 Membership control: There are 3 main membership settings: • Open group membership • Controlled group membership • Request group membership

The open type of membership and the other types are mutually exclusive. If you choose OPEN group membership, it doesn’t make sense to also have a controlled group membership, so you’ll notice the tick from the OPEN checkbox will be removed when you select one of the other membership enrolment options. These membership settings work in conjunction with other group creation options, such as roles, pages and visibility settings.

Roles: Choose between standard groups and course groups. Pages: Settings to control who can and cannot create group pages. Visibility: Group visibility including the option to hide the group on the Find Groups page, and options to hide group membership details from group members.