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Unless the Group in question is Invitation Only, you find and join Groups as follows:

  1. Log in and go to the homepage of your Mahara
  2. Click on Groups in the horizontal menu
  3. Now you're going to search for the Group. In the horizontal sub-menu for Groups, click on Find Groups
  4. In the Search box, enter the most distinctive keywords from the Group's name (e.g. British Library). N.b. Search is sensitive - use as few words as possible and don't use speech marks
  5. Run the search, and from the results click on the title of the Group you wish to join; this loads that Group's page.
  6. What you do next depends on how the Group has been configured to accept new members:
    if it's an Open Membership Group, you will see a button to Join Group;
    if it's a Request Membership Group, you will see a button to Click on Request To Join Group; you will receive an email when your request has been accepted.
  7. When you next access your Mahara homepage, you will see the link to that Group appearing in the Groups section there. All Groups in which you are a member can be viewed at the My Groups tab.