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In Groups, Group Administrators can add Forums. These can then be used to start and respond to discussion topics, or simply to send out news. Forums are configurable with respect to email notification, moderation, and permission to initiate discussions.

To add a Forum:

  1. Select My Groups
  2. Click on the Group to which you want to add the Forum
  3. Click on the Forums link in the menu, to display the existing Forums for that Group
  4. Select the New Forum link
  5. Add a Title and description for the forum
  6. Select Settings (n.b. Settings for the Forum, not your account Settings)
    • Set the Subscription i.e. decide whether you want Group members to receive contributions to the Forum by email as a default, rather than having to log in to Mahara to check)
    • Set the Order i.e. decide where you want the link to this Forum to appear in relation to any other Forums in the Group
    • If appropriate, choose Moderators from within the Group. Moderators can edit posts from other Group members.
    • Decide who can initiate discussions in the Forum i.e. everybody or only Moderators and Admins?
  7. Finally, click Save
  8. The Forum now exists; the next thing to do is to encourage Group members to participate in it.

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