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Check this area to keep up to date with system activities and communications from other users. Once you have read a notification you can mark it for removal from your list. Read notifications will automatically expire and be removed from your list after 60 days.

  • Settings (link) > Notifications (sub-tab)

From the installed on-site documentation:


You may select how you receive notifications for each activity type.

Notification Types

Activity Log: your notifications area will display a list of activity notifications received.

Email: your primary email address will receive an email each time the activity occurs.

Email digest: your primary email address will receive an email each day with a list of the last 24 hours’ activities

Note: If you select either email option all activities will also be recorded in your notifications log as they happen. They will all be marked as already read. These notifications automatically expire and are removed from your log after 60 days. Activity Types

System messages: automatically generated by the system or sent to you by one of the site administrators.

Messages from other users: sent to you directly from other users of the site.

Feedback: notification of any feedback or comments received on any pages, artefacts or journals within your ePortfolio.

Watchlist: notification of activity on any artefact, page, group or journal you are monitoring.

New page access: notification you or one of your groups have been given access to a new or existing non-public page.