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On this page we collect user-generated content to enrich the User Guide. Mahara users create their own guides or training material to adapt it to their own needs. If you want to share your material, you can post a link here.

Please provide as much information as possible in the table below.

Title (linked to the material) Author(s) / Contact
Provider Target audience Mahara version Language(s) File format(s) License Comments

Mahara Video Tutorials

Niraj Bhatt

NewLearning (Newham College of Further Education, UK)

tertiary students; instructors 1.2 English Camtasia Studio videos embedded in HTML Step-by-step guide taking students through the process of creating a portfolio in Mahara.

Mahara Quick Start Guide

Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

BScE (University of Luxembourg, LU)

BA students; instructors 1.2 English, some German HTML, some videos on YouTube


Step-by-step guide on how students can get started to create and upload content to Mahara. Except for a few references to the BScE (especially logging in via Moodle), the guide is pretty generic.

Mahara: Getting Started

Beth Klingner

CTLT (Pace University, USA)

tertiary students 1.2 English HTML Step-by-step guide

ePortfolios at USQ

Peter Evans

University of Southern Queensland, AU

tertiary students 1.2 English HTML extensive guide, also links to other guides

Mahara Tutorial Theater and Mahara Help Documentation

Learning Technologies and Online Education (Plymouth State University, USA)

tertiary students 1.2 English Camtasia Studio videos embedded in HTML students can keep their portfolio after graduation

Using Mahara

New Jersey Institute ofTechnology , USA

tertiary students 1.2 English PDF

brief guide listed under instructor tutorials

Technical Support for Mahara

Rosalie Domaschenz

Secondary Teaching, University of Canberra, Canberra, AU

tertiary students 1.2 English videos tech support in a Mahara view

Mahara assessment in Moodle

Mark Drechsler

Mark Drechsler tertiary/sceondary students 1.2 English Flash video Demo of integrating moodle outcomes with mahara

Short screencasts on using Mahara

Don Presant

Don Presant 1.3 English screenr screencast

Demonstrations of various Mahara functionalities using the Career Portfolio Manitoba

Mahara Tutorial

Franz Ehrnleitner

Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich, A

1.3 German online tutorial

CC-BY-NC-SA Austria

tutorial for educational institutions in German with text and screenshots

Mahara tutorial

Academic Computing Center

American University of Beirut, LB

tertiary 1.3 English online tutorial All rights reserved

Mahara Help

Faculty of Education

University of Glasgow, UK

tertiary 1.3 English online tutorial, printable created for the University of Glasgow installation of Mahara; there is a long guide and "Mahara Minis"

Handy tips from the Hunterian

Sally-Anne Coupar

Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow, UK

tertiary English PDF

Tutorials for working with Mahara

Pace University Pace University, USA tertiary English DOCX