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Admin home

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From the Admin home menu item you can change the way your mahara site looks and behaves, as well as manage memberships to the site.

Configure site

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Site options  Edit site page

Links and Resources Menu

This section lets you change site wide settings like naming your site, setting up virus checking, how long any specific session will last and whether there will be public views. This section allows you to edit the default text that appears on a number of pages within your mahara site. Often you’ll want files and resources to be available to all your users. This section allows you to decide which files you want to appear on the front page of mahara. You can also decide which will appear to the general public and which will appear for logged in users.

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Site Files
This area provides you with a centralized spot to upload any files you want to associate with your mahara site. These can be used in links and resources on the mahara front page.

Manage Users

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User Search Suspended Users Site Staff / Site Admins /
This feature allows you to locate users on your site. From the results you can change their account settings if required. This function allows you to see users who are suspended as well as allowing you to delete users completely. Admin Notifications
Site Staff and Site Admins allow you to add or remove administrators or staff to your institute.  Notifications sets how the Admins get notifications sent from mahara.

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Add User Add Users by CSV
This area allows you to manually add users, set their roles and access, allocate how much storage space they get on the site, login as user and then let users know that their account is ready. If you have a large number of users to add, mahara can import them from CSV files, created from spreadsheets.

  Administer Institutions

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Manage Institutions Plugin Administration
This mahara feature allows you to set up sub-sites to your main mahara site. You could set up a mahara site per school, or within your school district. Once you’ve set up a new institution you can then assign administrators, staff and users to it. The other tools in this section function exactly as they do at the mahara site level. Here you’ll find a list of all the plugins that are installed to add functionality to your site. To select a plugin click on the config hyperlink.


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  • Config site menu.png
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