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      <h3>The Mahara user manual moved to http://manual.mahara.org</h3>
This requires the Mahoodle single signon to be installed.
This requires the Mahoodle single signon to be installed.

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The Mahara user manual moved to http://manual.mahara.org

This requires the Mahoodle single signon to be installed.


Setup outcomes:

Enable outcomes: Grades > General Settings > Enable outcomes
Add standard outcomes: Grades > Outcomes > Add new outcome
Add/edit standard scales: Grades > scales > add/edit new scale

enable outcomes.png


Create Assessments:  

Define outcomes: Administration > Outcomes > Edit outcome > Add new outcome > Select Scale or add new scale
Use Existing outcome
Add Outcome to course: Administration > Outcomes > Outcomes in course
Add outcome from right column

admin outcomes.png

Use Outcomes in mahara assignment :

Turn editing on: Assignment > add mahara assignment > Select required Outcomes
Assignment > mahara assignment > Select required Outcomes

edit outcomes.png

Create A View:


The Students creates a View in mahara that meets the
requirements of the assessment. (Please see mahara manual)

create view.png

Submit Assignment:


The Students then selects the mahara assignment (View) from within Moodle and submits it
Select or Create View > Click Submit

submit assignment.png

Mark Activity:


The Teacher then marks the assignment from within Moodle.
Open submitted Activity > Select View Submitted Assignments
Click on the link to the individual mahara Views
Insert overall grade and grades against each outcomes and provide comments/feedback.

mark activity.png

Results copied to mahara:

Upon completion of the assessment process, the marks are copied from moodle back to mahara.

Check Results:


The Students can then check their results in moodle or mahara
Grades > Reports > User Report > Look at grades and feedback

 check results.png


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  • Admin outcomes.png
  • Check results.png
  • Create view.png
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  • Enable outcomes.png
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  • Submit assignment.png
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