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Mahara portfolios are made up of artefacts gathered into views. You decide who can see each view by setting access
Artefacts are blocks of text, images, documents, videos, blog entries and any other media you import.

Edit profile

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Editing your Profile and Profile page My Resumé, My Goals, My Skills

The profile section of mahara is where you enter your personal information, contact details and upload images to use as a profile picture. Each of the tabs in this section lets you add more information so that others can get to know you better. You can also change the way the page displays by dragging items around to define the layout.

Clicking on each item brings you to a page with a text editor. You can enter information about your aspirations and past achievements.
The text editor sections work just like a word processor, you can cut and paste things from other applications, change the font and add pictures. You can even switch to HTML mode.

Create Views

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Building A Portfolio Give it a name Setting Access
The first part of building a View is deciding what goes in it and how it will be displayed. Under each of these tabs are content types that you can drag and drop in any order. A View
can contain files such as images, blog posts, links to internet resources such as video. Use My Files and My Blogs link to create these before you can use  them in your view.
Your next step is to give your View a name and a short description. This
helps people find it and understand what it is.

You now decide who gets to see
your View. You can choose to restrict access to just some friends, groups, your teachers, all users, or even non-
mahara users. Beside every option is an Add button. Click that and your selection will move to the right hand side of the page. You can also set
access start and stop dates, so if you want a View to only be available for one semester, or even a week, you can do that.


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My Groups/Find Groups
Create Group Group Management
From this section you can see groups you've already joined as well as those you've started, been invited to and have asked to join. You can aslo search for groups that you may want to join
By clicking the Create Group button you can start your own groups. There are a number of different group types, the basic difference is how members join. Click on the help icon next to the
Group Type dropdown menu to find out what kinds of groups there are.
Use this section to find out more abouta group. Who’s in it, what they are disccussing and download any files related to the group. Simply click on the group’s name and you will find out this information.


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Notifications Activity preferences
This section allows you to reset your username and password as well as set up general behaviour rules for your entire account. Things like how friend requests and messages from other users will be handled and set here.
This is similar to the inbox in your email system. Here you'll find every message and notification that's been sent to you. Like any inbox you can delete, organise, and reply from here.
This section controls how you'll get notifications from other users, groups and your friends. You can set it so you can get email on your regular account, an email digest or so you have to go into mahara to view your messages and notifications.

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