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Please see for proposed features and those that are being worked on.

These ideas have been implemented via LTI (external tool in Moodle), the Mahara assignment submission plugin (MNet in the past, web services since mid 2020). Setting up Mahara groups based on Moodle courses is possible via web services as well. Transfer from Moodle content to Mahara is possible via the portfolio export in Moodle (currently only via MNet).

The ideas being thought through are along the lines of extending the Moodle portfolio API to integrate with Mahara. We don't want to build a gradebook into Mahara - it is not a LMS and Moodle's gradebook is excellent. Moodle's Portfolio API may be backported from Moodle 2.0 to 1.9, which would allow many of these items to be implemented sooner.

  • An activity module inside a course where learners can put links to their portfolios they want to submit for assessment, which integrates with the gradebook. This is not particularly sophisticated and would not need the portfolio API.
  • A new assessment sub-module to link to the external portfolio (similar to above module).
  • Tighter integration with the Portfolio API which implies data flowing from Mahara to Moodle. This would require a workflow whereby the teacher in the Moodle course is enabled to have access to the Mahara portfolio View.  
  • The ability to set up Mahara Groups based on Moodle Courses, so membership on the Mahara side is kept up to date based on changes in Moodle. This would prevent a lot of administration overhead
  • Smart data flow from Moodle to Mahara, using our LEAP2A support (so blogs in Moodle can become blogs in Mahara for example)