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Please see for proposed features and those that are being worked on.

A better reporting framework was implemented in Mahara. When Elasticsearch is installed, a number of additional reports become available as we can turn on event logging.

In order to help administrators track the overall usage of their Mahara installation, it would be helpful to be able to provide some summary reports within Mahara, so they can view metrics like user growth, popular views/groups etc.

Given that Mahara is a user-centric portfolio solution, it would be very unlikely that we would implement fine-grained logging of activity down to the level of who saw what - but aggregated statistics and graphs are fine.

Some ideas for the kinds of statistics that could be collected:

  • Popular groups, popular views (by visits)
  • Number of active users
  • Number of visits
  • Breakdowns of some common settings (e.g. 95% of users are using the english language pack)

All of these stats could be collected over time and graphed.

There are probably more things that could be collected too.

Another option is to hook into the registration data that sites send back to - then could do all the graph generation for admins, and save Maharas themselves having the dependency, if sites choose to register.

Current Plans

There are plans to add some of this functionality after Mahara 1.2.