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This was realized in the Assignment Submission plugin

Some people need some assessment portfolio features even though they philosophically prefer a learning portfolio system (such as Mahara). This page is a work-in-progress document to figure out the requirements and feasibility of enhancing Mahara to enable an assessment approach without in any way compromising or negatively impacting Mahara's learning portfolio philosophy.

  • It is acceptable to assume a Moodle SSO integration.
  • Moodle 1.9 Outcomes seem to be sufficient for tracking, so the most feasible approach seems to be to provide some glue to make it easy to apply Outcomes to a Mahara view.
    • Penny has suggested an Assessment subtype, because Moodle Outcomes apply to Moodle Activities.
  • The workflow for teachers and students needs to be as simple and smooth as possible.
    • In particular, we would like to avoid the necessity of a student explicitly giving her teacher access to a view (or artefact, or whatever) that the teacher needs to assess.
    • Perhaps the student clicks on an assignment in Moodle and ends up (somehow) being able to select from among some portfolio views. Access to the selected view(s) would then be automatically granted to the teachers of the Moodle course containing the assignment.
    • Nigel has suggested two possible ways to approach the access provision:
      • Make sure that teachers were tutors/admins in a controlled group for the student. Then, when the view is submitted as an assignment, we can just add submit the view to the group. Then the teachers will have access.
      • Moodle could send through a list of teachers who should have access to see the view. Since we have SSO, mahara will know who those teachers are in mahara itself, and can automatically assign access.
        • Matt was picturing this approach because of its inherent flexibility.
        • One scenario to consider: suppose Sue takes the summer off and Ralph becomes the teacher of the course; how will Ralph get access to Mahara views that were completed as assignments before he was teaching the course?