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This is a beta release of Mahara 1.1 Sonorus. Things will be broken! However, we are now soliciting bug reports, should you find a bug. You can report bugs to the tracker:

Please choose 'HEAD/trunk' as the version of your bug.

This release includes:

  • Remove reliance on 'file' to determine mime types of uploaded files
  • Highlighting of files in the file browser
  • Allow internally authenticated users to change their usernames
  • Support for "semi-public" views accessible to logged-out users via a cryptic url
  • Upgrades to phpmailer, snoopy, and htmlpurifier
  • Add html purifier filters to allow embedded content and javascript from selected sites
  • Support for public groups in which forums are visible to logged out users
  • Bug fixes

As mentioned above, the upgrade should not be attempted on a live site yet. Instead, make a copy of your database and dataroot, set up a new Mahara using them, and test upgrading on that.

Also as mentioned above, upgrading from this release will not be supported.