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This is a stable release of Mahara 1.1 Sonorus. Stable releases are fit for general use. If you find a bug, please report it to the tracker:

Please choose '1.1 stable branch' as the version of your bug.

This release includes an upgrade path from 1.0. If you wish to upgrade, we encourage you to make a copy of your 1.0 website and test the upgrade on it first, to minimise the effect of any potential unforseen problems.

Changes from 1.1.1:

  • Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities in user profile data and blogs (CVE-2009-0660)
  • Several minor fixes to portfolio import, html validation, default theme and the upgrade path from 1.0
  • Added support for embedding slideshare widgets

Major points to note:

  • You cannot upgrade from a version before 1.0 - instead, upgrade to 1.0 first
  • Once you have put the new code in place, you may need to do a hard reload in your browser (Ctrl+F5) to load any theme changes
  • Some APIs, such as the blocktype API, have changed a bit since 1.0. Your custom plugins may need updating, you are encouraged (as always) to test before upgrading your live site

This release includes:

  • View Templates (View Copying)
    • You can now mark Views as able to be copied by other users who can see the View. This gives people the option of using a View as a starting point to create their own View.
    • As a result of this, the Site Admins and Institutions have their own Files and Views sections, that they can use to create Views for others to copy
    • Work funded thanks to Glasgow University/Howard Miller:
  • Group Improvements
    • Groups now have Files and Views, which can be collaboratively authored
    • Navigation improvements
    • Group owner is replaced by having one or more Group Admins 
    • Artefacts no longer have to be owned by people, now Groups, Institutions or the Site can own artefacts
    • Groups can be made publicly viewable, including the forums. Users can be automatically subscribed to forums when they join groups
    • Work funded thanks to GLISI/Ray Merrill:,
  • Import API
  • Profile Views
    • Users' profile pages are now Views, which allows them to re-arrange the layout of their page.
    • New blocktypes are provided to help users show their information - My Views, My Groups, My Friends and Wall (which allows other people to leave comments for users)
  • Minor improvements in these areas
    • Performance (less queries/page, less files included)
    • Executing /usr/bin/file is no longer necessary to determine file type, which makes it easier to run Mahara on shared hosting and other OSes like Windows
    • Access to Views from people not in the system can be arranged by generating cryptic URLs on the View Access page
    • Upgrades to included libraries: HTMLPurifier, Smarty
    • E-mails from forums are now threaded in e-mail clients that support this
    • Addition of BBCode to the system to provide simple formatting options in places where the HTML editor is impractical
    • Addition of a "Register your Mahara" feature to help us get a picture of what Mahara installations there are around the world

As mentioned before, when upgrading from 1.0, please attempt it on a copy of your site first, to test that you will enjoy a trouble-free upgrade.