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Test list 3


Check the patch for changes to the following files

  • Any file changed in a theme 'sass' directory
  • Any file named ending in .tpl

If it has any of these then read on...

Be aware of

If sass files have changed you will need to run the 'make css' to rebuild the css files and then do a hard refresh of your browser to fetch new css code or you might also need to clear the cache via the Admin -> Overview page If the changes are related to a particular theme (not the raw one) do testing in that theme - otherwise if the changes are for the 'raw' theme then test in raw and at least 1 other theme that inherits 'raw' eg 'modern'

Testing steps that should be done

  1. For all changes
  • Check the part of the site related to the change in Firefox / Chrome (if unsure ask)
  1. If the change relates to layout padding / placement then
  • also check in Edge
  • check on different layout formats eg tablet size / mobile size
  1. If the change relates to specific mobile issues

Things to look out for

Make sure the 'make css' actually finishes and doesn't throw any errors Make sure that any css changes have refreshed in the browser