Testing Area/Quick tests after installation

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These are some things that can be done to test a site is working:

  • Create a Journal with blog posts.
  • Create a group with a forum and some forum posts
  • Fill in profile fields
  • Change profile picture
  • Upload some files
  • Make a plan
  • Make a note
  • Create a portfolio page with one of each block type.
  • Create a few other pages, they don't need much content
  • Make a collection with only some of the pages
  • Export your stuff
  • Make another user
  • Log out and log in as the new user
  • Log out and log in as the admin user
  • Masquarade as that user
  • Make that user join your group
  • Return to admin user
  • Suspend the new user
  • Log out and make sure the new user cannot log in
  • Use your critical thinking skills and test other things you see as you go

Tips for quick testing:

  • Don't bother making the test look "real" just mash the keyboard