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Check the patch for changes to the following files

  • Any file changed lives in a 'webservice/functions' subdirectory
  • Any file changed in the 'htdocs/webservices/' directory

If it has any of these then read on...

Be aware of

The need to properly test will usually need a setup with an external site and / or Identity Provider but for a lot of parts it can be tested via the Admin -> Web services -> Test client system When using the test client you will need to have set up a person that has the rules / permissions to do what you need to

Testing steps that should be done

  1. Create a webservice user
  • such as 'wsadmin' that has site admin permission
  • make sure this person is in the right institution that you want to test against
  1. In Admin -> Web services -> Configuration
  • make sure provider and requester switches are on
  • make sure that the right protocols are on - Rest is the best for testing the 'Test client'
  • choose an existing service or create a custom service group that has the functions you want to test
  • create a service access token that you can use in the 'Test client'
  1. In the Admin -> Web services -> Test client

choose what service function you want to test and then fill in the data you want to test

Things to look out for

for the test client if you are wanting more info on the service functions then you can click on the service function names in the Admin -> Web services -> Configuration page and you will see the API info about what is expected and what is returned by the service call