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There are many reasons for creating templates in Mahara, for example:

  • Scaffold the creation of portfolios
  • Have students create compliance portfolios without them needing to set up the structure
  • Plan the portfolio use

Why not share the templates that you have created with other users? Currently, it is not possible to do that directly from within Mahara. There is a wishlist item for that though if you wish to work on that or fund the work to have it implemented.

If you want to share your templates:

  1. make a Leap2A export of the template
  2. upload the ZIP file to your portfolio or here
  3. put a link to the ZIP file here
  4. include a link to the live template on your instance so people can see what the template allows you to do

Looking for work flows that may help you implementing portfolios at your institution? Check out the work flow sharing page.

Shared templates

  • Add your template and additional information here

I attach a collection of 4 pages (one for each learning outcome in a module) which I use when doing demos/training of templates. There are a selection of the most common building blocks on the pages but not a lot overall as I just want staff to get an idea of how to use templates and what the benefits are. They can be viewed here: and can be downloaded from the same page (bottom left).

Regards Marion MacDonald UHI

I have put 2 PDFs on this page ( showing templates for music students. The templates have videos from second and third year students and also a sample journal from a 'real' student to assist their first year colleagues - hence the PDFs. The templates are not unusual really; the only thing that might be worth mentioning is that we created journals, placed them on the pages and ensured these were copied over. The first entry in each journal is an instruction in relation to the journal. This degree programme have been using Mahara since 2012 and I'd say that this year's process has been easier. We had practical/VC sessions which covered copying the templates and getting a secret URL from each student. Previously I had been sending them PDF and video instructions but I don't think they ever referred to either.

Regards Marion MacDonald UHI