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I hope these few lines can help you decide if I am ready to be an approved Mahara developer. This is my application to be part of the Mahara core team.

Date of application: 16 November 2017.

Position: Developer at Catalyst NZ, Wellington office.

About myself I started working at Catalyst in August 2016 for the Mahara project. Since then I have submitted many patches, including bug fixes and new feature development. The latter including the new navigation for 17.04, unification of the screens in page edition section, adding status header configuration and fixed accessibility issues for Smart Evidence. Here is the full list of my patches that have been merge to Mahara core.

This year I have been involved in the code review +1 of other devs work and started doing security patches.

My work in the Mahara team also includes client work, fixes for issues and development as well as upgrading their sites to new versions of Mahara, and I am a part of the release team.

I've been participating more often in the support forum where I received good feedback from the users, as my answers were helpful and they could resolve their issues.