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It would be awesome if you would accept my application to the Mahara core team.

Date of application: 16 January 2017

Name: Dmitrii Metelkin

Position: Developer at Catalyst IT AU – Melbourne

About myself: I have worked for Catalyst AU for the last 4 years. Mostly doing Moodle/Totara and Drupal customisations and integrations. Over the last couple of years I have been involved in several Mahara core improvements. Such as clearing caches feature, max message length detection and alerting a user on the fly for pie forms, improving UI experience with dropzone and upgrading dropzone library and some other small, but annoying (and some time tricky) bugs.

Also I have been involved in some client work including some custom modules development, investigating and fixing integration issues. Being a big fun of code reviews I was participated in a huge range of code reviews for Mahara to help the team to delivery more features and fix more bugs.

My favourite professional book is Clean code by Robert Cecil Martin. Where it's possible I'm trying to use all main principles of the clean code.

Features and bug fixes implemented