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Plugin type: blocktype

These are the items that can be added to individual pages. Currently blocks do not contain export or import functionality. This leads to the question of how does the core program know exactly how to export a block as HTML or LEAP?

  • Directory: $MAHARA/blocktype
  • GUI: portfolio -> pages -> edit pages

Plugin type: artefact

Artefacts are individual items that can be added to a portfolio. This can be files, journal entries, whole journals, resumes, and plans. Individual artefacts do contain import and export functionality.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact
    • Blog
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/blog
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/journals
    • Comment
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/comment
    • File
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/file
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/files
    • Internal
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/internal
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/profile
    • Plans
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/plans
      • GUI: Content -> plans
    • Resume
      • Directory: $MAHARA/artefact/resume
      • GUI: Content -> resume

Plugin type: auth

The authentication system controls the logging in and logging out of users. This system allows login to be controlled by a third party database of usernames and passwords. Besides the login screen, there is no GUI associated with this.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/auth

Plugin type: export

This is the area of the Mahara system that controls export, but it is not all of the export code. All of the artefacts can have their own export and import code.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/export

Plugin type: notification

Notification is email and internal messaging system.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/notification

Plugin type: grouptype

These are the types of groups that a person can join. Currently there are only two supported: course and standard.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/grouptype

Plugin type: search

As the name implies, additional search plugins.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/search

Plugin type: interaction

How people interact with each other. The only current interaction that is supported are forums.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/interaction

Plugin type: import

This is the import functionality for Mahara. This is the main import code, but each artefact has their own import and export code. Currently only HTML and LEAP are supported.

  • Directory: $MAHARA/import

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