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To bring viewers to the View, it's necessary to tell them where and how they can access it.

Linking to a view

Each View has a unique hyperlink assigned to it .

Click on the view you want the hyperlink to and copy this – it will look something like

This link can be used to in used to link from another view

This can be used to show a member of the public your view – providing you have made the view public.

Click on link to view the slideshow on the Mahara front page

Secret URL
You can also create a secret web address (Url)  that you can email to people who are not mahara users that want to access your view. A secret URL is difficult to guess.
Select My Portfolio → My Views → Edit View access → Add secret URL

Browsing to a View

From within a given Mahara installation:

  • If the View is created by an individual, it is possible to reach a View via the page of that individual.
  • If the View is created within a Group, or submitted to a Group, it is possible to access the View through that Group's View tab.