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Mahara is developed by a world-wide team of programmers, translators, designers and enthusiastic amateurs. Many individuals and groups have contributed to Mahara so far.

Core Teams


Security researchers

Mahara code

This is a list of security researchers that have contributed to Mahara itself. These people have followed the responsible disclosure practise after finding security vulnerabilities in the Mahara codebase.

Mahara project infrastructure

This second list is of security researchers who have reported security issues with the configuration or version of software used on the infrastructure of the Mahara project which can include all the websites (,,,,,, and the servers that host those websites.

These people have followed the responsible disclosure practise after finding security vulnerabilities in the Mahara project infrastructure.

The list is in reverse chronological order.


SPF record not configured for subdomains of - MD. Rimel


Restrict access to certain files on - Harsh Joshi




A large part of the development on Mahara would not be possible without the funding from institutions and organisations.

Mahara 23.04

Mahara 22.10

Mahara 22.04

Mahara 21.10

Mahara 21.04

Mahara 20.10

Mahara 20.04


Mahara 19.10


Mahara 19.04


Mahara 18.10


Mahara 18.04


Mahara 17.10


Mahara 17.04


Mahara 16.10


Mahara 16.04


Mahara 15.10


Mahara 15.04

Mahara 15.04 was released on 17 April 2015.


Mahara 1.10

Mahara 1.10 was released on 21 October 2014.


Mahara 1.9

Mahara 1.9 was released on 15 April 2014.


Mahara 1.8

Mahara 1.8 was released on 24 October 2013.


Mahara 1.7

Mahara 1.7 was released on 19 April 2013.


Mahara 1.6

Mahara 1.6 was released on 17 April 2012.


Mahara 1.5

Mahara 1.5 was released on 13 June 2011.


Pre Mahara 1.5

The University of Glasgow have funded several pieces of work for us, including View Templates, part of Import/Export (the HTML export is thanks to them), and various bug fixes.

GLISI / Ray Merrill funded enhancements to Mahara's groups, and Ray has provided much invaluable guidance around Mahara's usability.

With JISC funding we were able to add import/export functionality to the Mahara e-portfolio system, as part of the 1.2 release. This work was sponsored by the University of London Computer Centre, University of Glasgow and JISC Cetis.

A collaborative group in the State of New Hampshire funded the ability to submit Mahara Views for assessment in Moodle, through a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine sponsored the development of the plugin Problems & Conditions.

The BScE at the University of Luxembourg funded the development of the tag cloud, improvements to the feedback function in the 1.2 and 1.3 releases, and bug fixes for Mac servers.

Birmingham City University funded the initial development work for Collections and Plans (new features in Mahara 1.3). They also supported the development of locking down blog posts and files that are used in submitted views.

Lancaster University Network Services (LUNS Ltd.) was funded by Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online (CLEO) to design several features.

The New Zealand Ministry of Education funded a large number of features and usability changes to Mahara 1.4 and 1.5 that were implemented by Catalyst IT