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This wiki is not updated any more, but stays available during the transition period to our new wiki. Changes are only made to the new wiki.

If you have a question that is not answered by the wiki, you can ask about it in the forums. And if you want to add content, please feel free! You may want to ask in the forums to check if you're adding something in the right place or that it's not already documented first, if you're not sure.


Mahara is available as subscription to gain access to the code. See the forum thread for information on the consultations.


Mahara is an open-source e-portfolio for education. An e-portfolio is a type of web application that allows users to record and share evidence of lifelong learning. (In technical terms, it's a bit like a content management system crossed with a social network.)

For more information about what Mahara is and does, try the Mahara manual's introduction chapter.

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