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I'm Alan,

I started working on Mahara as a spin off from my interest in mobile-ifying applications (performed in my role at Catalyst IT). This interested has lead me to:

  • lead the MaharaDroid project and,
  • develop the mobile upload JSON API in Mahara (a second sync API is also under active development).

This work initially began during the 1.4 development cycle and the Mahara mobile upload API is included in the 1.4 release. Some notable reviews and contributions I have made for Mahara are shown below (earliest first).


A notable review I have made on gerrit are:

A list of all reviews I have done, or are yet to do are here


This is a list of all the notable contributions I have made into Mahara core.

Other contributions I have made consist mainly of bug fixing, and a list of these bugs can be seen here

Mahara mobile API(s)

Development and testing of mobile upload API for Mahara (to work with MaharaDroid and adopted by PortfolioUP).


or via the blog history

MaharaDroid (Mahara-contrib)

MaharaDroid enables Android phones to share or upload content to a Mahara instance. Since Mahara 1.4 MaharaDroid has become a recognized Mahara contribution.