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If you wish to contribute to Mahara, go for it! There are many ways you can help contribute:

Submit bug reports and feature requests

This is an easy one :). If you find a bug in Mahara, and you're sure that it's not a result of any customisations you have made to your Mahara, then make a bug report for it on the tracker. And if you think there's a feature you'd like to see in Mahara, submit a feature request on the same tracker so that we can examine, and hopefully implement, your idea!

Improve the documentation on this wiki

If you find a spelling mistake, a factual error, know something about Mahara that wiki doesn't, or understand another language, there's lots you can do simply by browsing around the wiki and correcting/adding what you can.

Become a helpful member of the forums

How easy is this! All you have to do is subscribe to any forums you like, and answer people's questions and enquiries. There are forums for pedagogy and an open discussion forum, as well as technical forums, so it doesn't matter what kind of background you have. There are even entire groups for specialist subjects like Moodle/Mahara integration.

Translate Mahara into another language

Speaking a language other than English and having a small understanding of Mahara is all you need to be able to translate Mahara into another language. It might pay to ask in the translations forum to check if someone is already translating your language - you may be able to help with the existing effort.

The easiest way to get started translating Mahara is to use the web interface.

Write a new plugin

People with a good understanding of PHP and an idea should be able to write plugins for Mahara. There is not much developer documentation at this time, but we're working on this. You can look around the Mahara source tree and try to gather a picture of how things work, and join #mahara-dev on to have realtime chat with the developers.

See the Developer_Area/Plugins for documentation on how to write plugins for Mahara.

Fix bugs in Mahara itself

If you have skills with any of the technologies underlying Mahara - the main ones being PHP, Javascript and SQL - you are well placed to help out by finding and fixing bugs.

Submitting bug reports with patches attached is a great way to earn yourself a beer next time one of us core developers is in your area :). Not to mention the associated fame of being listed as a contributor on Ohloh!

If you have itchy coding fingers and want a bug to fix, check out the tracker - there's a big list of them (including easy "bite sized" bugs) there just waiting for you!

These pages will probably be helpful:

Become a Mahara Partner

You don't have to become a partner to sell services based on Mahara - but if you'd like to be listed on the Partners page and support the project financially, please consider joining the programme.

In addition to the right to use the Mahara trademark commercially (see the partner programme for details), partners receive several benefits such as being featured on and gaining access to partner-only support. If your organisation is interested in becoming a partner, please send an email to [email protected]