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== API Documentation ==
== API Documentation ==
=== Basic development documentation ===
=== Localisation ===
These pages describe specific Mahara APIs. '''Note:''' we're in the process of reorganizing our developer documentation, so not all API documentation pages will be present in this list. Please use the wiki's search feature if you don't find what you need here. Also, not all API's are documented. :(
* [[Developer_Area/Mahara_Architecture_Introduction/Core_Subsystems|Architecture Introduction]]
* [[Developer_Area/Hello World|Hello World]]
** My sample page with pieforms and dwoo:
* [[Developer_Area/Database-DML|Database-DML]]
* [[Developer_Area/Database-DDL|Database-DDL]]
** I wrote a forum post here that gives an outline of how the database works:
=== Changing things locally ===
* [[Developer_Area/Language strings|Language strings]]
* [[Developer_Area/Language strings|Language strings]]

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API Documentation


How to set / access certain information

Making a custom theme

Accessing webservice API

  • Webservices
    • you can also go to the 'webservice/wsdoc.php' page in your local Mahara instance to see what Webservice APIs are available