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If you are exporting from one Mahara system to another you can run into the following problems:

1) From Linux to Windows systems

Windows systems have a greater number of chars it can't handle in filepath names

< (less than)
> (greater than)
: (colon - sometimes works)
" (double quote)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
| (vertical bar or pipe)
? (question mark)
* (asterisk)

So you will need to avoid naming files / folders with these characters.

2) From a system that uses UTF8 to one that doesn't with ClamAV running

If uploading to a Mahara site that has ClamAV running but the underlying operating system is unable to handle multibyte chars then the file can be quarantined by accident. This is due to the php escapeshellarg() function

To check if this is a problem in a terminal do:

printenv | grep LC

It should return a UTF-8 compatible local language, eg en_NZ.UTF-8

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