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Agenda for the 19th Mahara Developer Meeting

Tuesday, 31 July 2012, 07:30 UTC

Chair: Melissa Draper (elky)

  1. Items from last meetings
    1. dajan to raise appropriate issues in the tracker
    2. anzeljg To put together a quick wiki page with some information (possibly code too) <= wiki page done, code not yet.
    3. alanmc to post to dev forum post about the mobile api
    4. elky look into removing google apps block from the core
    5. elky/hughdavenport update code guidelines and extend it to other than php
    6. Tmirante : Search 2.0 engine plugin possible time schedule request (missing due to Tmirante absence)
  2. Continued: Discuss safeiframe xss vulnerabilities (?)
  3. Next meeting and Chair
  4. Any other business