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Agenda for the 42nd Mahara developer meeting on Thursday, 26 March 2015, 8:00 UTC

The developer meetings are held on IRC in the #mahara-dev channel. An IRC bot will be used to take minutes of these meetings and agendas made available on these pages before-hand.

If you don't have an IRC client, you can join us using your web browser.

Chair: Kristina Hoeppner


  1. Items from last meeting
    1. Everyone have a look at annotations and smartevidence patches from nigel and ghada as high priority ones for 1504
    2. robertl_ share a speadsheet of issues to review with everyone
    3. yuliya add some info on RTL support to wiki
    4. sonn and yuliya figure out how to create a dialect language code and set up translations for it
    5. robertl_ create a Wiki page about HTML export improvements and set up a blueprint in launchpad
  2. GitLab acquired Gitorious: What does this mean for us? (Kristina)
  3. Mahara 15.04 release (Kristina)
  4. Next meeting and chair
  5. Any other business