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Agenda for the 74th Mahara developer meeting on Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 7:00 UTC

We will meet using Meet.Catalyst (a Catalyst staff member will initiate the call).

Our #mahara-dev channel on Freenode IRC will be our backup or in case there are problems with the web conferencing tool and we'll need to chat to resolve it. If you don't have an IRC client, you can join us using your web browser.

  • Chair: Cecilia Vela Gurovic
  • Minute taker: not defined yet


  1. Items from last meeting
    • Gregor to create bug report around the issue he encountered exporting users from one instance and importing them into another
    • Peter to submit the changes for core changes to support sending of Mahara notifications to Moodle.
    • Kristina to follow up dev meeting forum post about audio / video recordings.
    • Robert to post about PHP and database version discussion in the developer forum to engage other developers who were not present in the meeting.
  2. Tobias to talk about the docker progress. Also see here for a first project documentation
  3. Your agenda item
  4. Next meeting and chair
  5. Any other business