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In Mahara, import and export refer to the ability for users to export their portfolios (or parts of them), and then to import them again. This system is designed to allow transfer of all manner of portfolio information in to, and out of, Mahara.

In early 2009, Mahara took part in a JISC CETIS project called PIOP - Portfolio Interoperability Projects. The goals of the project involved implementing import and export of data using the LeapA standard. Mahara took the opportunity to add generic import/export APIs to allow other formats to be integrated in future, as well as implementing a standalone HTML export plugin and fully integrating the work into the UI.


Full Leap2A import and export support is included in Mahara 1.2. You can fully export and import portfolios between Mahara installations. Some preliminary results are available regarding interoperability with the other PIOP partners. You can watch a video demonstration of the import/export functionality:

How do I use it?

Visiting the 'Export' tab of 'My Portfolio' will allow you to choose between Leap2A or HTML website export.

To import a Leap2A file, go to the Administration section and choose Add User. You will be able to upload a Leap2A file in order to create a new user account. There's no progress bar in the UI, so be patient - it might take quite a while for the form to submit to create the new user account.

Meeting Notes

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