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Here you can find information about developing new language packs for Mahara. If you speak another language, then you should be able to translate Mahara, or help with a translation effort already in place.

Remember to check the list of existing language packs at first - you may find that Mahara has already been translated into the language you want!

Launchpad translations

Most translations are now maintained in the Mahara translation project on Launchpad.

If you would like to help with one of these translations, first have a look at the list of translation teams. If your language has a team appointed in this list, you will need to join the appropriate team for your language before you can help with the translation.

If you would like to start a new translation, or if your language doesn't have an appointed team, you can help with the translation as soon as you have created an account on Launchpad.

Once your translation is complete enough to be useful to the community, please contact [email protected] to have your translation converted from Launchpad to the Mahara format, and added to the official list at

Gitorious translations

A couple of translations (currently just Czech and English(US)) are not maintained on Launchpad yet. For information about the older translation process, see the documentation on Translation Tools. For moving existing translations from the old process to the new process, see the instructions on migrating language packs from gitorious to launchpad.