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|MIT License
|MIT License
|[ GitHub]<br />[]
|[ GitHub]<br />[]
Latest release:
Latest release:

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A list of the third-party plugins within Mahara.

A helpful way to update this list is to go:

 find ./htdocs -type f -iname "README.Mahara" -exec grep 'Version' -B1 {} \; -print

... on the current codebase.

Note: another thing to keep in sync is the country names we use for 'Country' dropdowns. To check what the current state of play is

perl -MLocale::Country -le 'print join("\n", sort map { country2code($_) . " => " . country2code($_, LOCALE_CODE_ALPHA_3) . ", // " . $_ } all_country_names())'

and check the results against htdocs/lib/country.php and htdocs/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php files For any confusion you can also check against

Third-party libraries (PHP and JS)


  • Mahara version = the README.Mahara file for the library | SemVer Info - explaining the symbols in the Mahara version column
  • Latest version = the most recent available version
  • 22.10 = Will this need to be updated for this release? | 🚧: In progress/there is a working patch in Gerrit
  • Security = is there a new security patch available?
  • Upgrades/updates = what upgrades are available for this plugin?
  • Support = Is there a community supporting this library?
    • Active: There is ongoing work being put into the library
    • Inactive: Maintained but not actively making releases
    • Archived: Not being maintained
    • Deprecated (officially): All maintainers have left, and site may not exist in extreme cases.
  • PHP8 = is the latest version of this plugin compatible with PHP8?
  • README location = where it can be found in Mahara
  • License = software license for the library
  • URL/Notes = extra information, e.g. resources, notes, and news=
Name Mahara
22.10 Security Upgrades/Updates PHP8 Support README location
License URL/Notes
ADODB 5.22.0 5.22.3 TBC No Patch Yes 8.1 Active .../lib/adodb/ BSD 3-Clause
Official site | GitHub | Twitter
Wish-list: extract $SESSION
Bootstrap 5.0.1 5.2.2 TBC No Minor n/a Active LTS .../lib/bootstrap/assets/javascripts/
MIT License Releases | GitHub project

bootstrap versions

Date time


=4.17.47 6.2.4 TBC N/A Major n/a Active - 6

Inactive - 4

.../js/bootstrap-datetimepicker/ MIT License GitHub

Latest release:

Major rewrite (beta)

Chart.js 3.7.1 3.9.1 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/chartjs/ MIT License -

- GitHub

Clipboard js 2.0.10 May 2022 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/clipboard/ MIT License Clipboard JS | GitHub
Latest release: For some reason the version number system isn't used.
=3.1.1 4.0 TBC No n/a n/a Inactive .../js/cookieconsent/ MIT License Download | GitHub

Open source version is not updated.

💡 Should keep using this?

CSS Tidy 2.0.1 2.0.3 TBC No Patch Yes Active .../lib/csstidy/ LGPL GitHub
Dragon-drop 3.2.1 3.6.1 TBC No Minor n/a Inactive


..../js/dragondrop/ MIT License GitHub
Datatables 1.11.4 1.12.1 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/DataTables/ MIT License

Release notes CDN

Dropzone 5.7.6 5.9.3 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/dropzone/ MIT License GitHub releases

6.0.0 in beta

Dwoo 1.3.7 1.3.7 n/a n/a Replace n/a Deprecated .../lib/dwoo/ LGPL - dead
GitHub project
Elastic Search 7.14 v8 - 8.4.0

v7 - 7.17.1

TBC n/a Major


No Active .../lib/elasticsearch/ Apache v2.0
LGPL v2.1
GitHub | Changelog

PHP 8 milestone 83% complete Architectural changes - 8.0.0

Gridstack 4.3.1 v6 - 6.0.2

v5 - 5.1.1

v4 - 4.4.1

TBC No Major



n/a Active .../js/gridstack/ MIT License - GitHub

- Website

HTML Purifier 4.14.0 4.16.0 TBC No Minor Yes .../lib/htmlpurifier/ LGPL v2.1+


3.20.0 3.20.0 n/a n/a n/a n/a Archived, 2021 .../js/javascript-templates/ MIT License GitHub
jQuery 3.6.0 3.6.1 TBC No Patch n/a Active .../js/jquery/ MIT License Website | GitHub | Blog post
Forum | Twitter

3.6.1 maintenance release

jQuery mobile 1.5.0-alpha.1 1.5.0-rc1 n/a n/a n/a n/a Inactive, 2017 .../js/jquery/jquery-mobile/ MIT License
- lack of resources but wish to maintain.
❗Find out if we are still using this.

jQuery UI 1.13.1 1.13.2 TBC No Patch n/a Active .../js/jquery/jquery-ui/ MIT License

Security and compatibility fixes

jQuery UI plugin
0.2.3 0.2.3 n/a n/a n/a n/a Deprecated .../js/jquery/jquery-ui/
Version 2 licenses
Touch Punch | GitHub

❗Do we still need it - is it merged into jquery

JS Color 2.4.7 2.5.0 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/jscolor/ GPL 3
Json editor 2.6.1 2.8.0 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/jsoneditor/ MIT License GitHub |Changelog
jTLine 1.0 1.0 n/a n/a n/a n/a Inactive, 2018 .../js/jTLine/ MIT License GitHub | Twitter
Marked 4.0.12 4.1.1 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/marked/ MIT License GitHub
Masonry 4.2.2 4.2.2 n/a n/a n/a n/a Inactive, 2018 .../js/masonry/ MIT License Masonry |GitHub
1.1 1.1 n/a n/a n/a n/a Forked version, 2015 .../js/tinymce/plugins/mathslate/ GPL 3 Our version is now forked
make it work with Tinymce 5
Moment.js 2.29.1 2.29.4 TBC No Patch n/a Active .../js/momentjs/ MIT License

Succeeded by Luxon GitHub

Connected with jquery date-picker

Oauth PHP 175 175 n/a n/a Replace No Archived, 2010 .../webservice/libs/oauth-php/ MIT License

We should replace with an oauth2 php library
checkout what Moodle does (old comment)

PDFjs 2.13.216 2.16.105 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../artefact/file/blocktype/pdf/js/pdfjs/ Apache License 2 Getting started | GitHub
PHPMailer 6.6.0 6.6.4 TBC No Patch Yes Active
.../lib/phpmailer/ LGPL GitHub
Popper 2.10.2 2.11.6 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../js/popper/ MIT License
GitHub issue | tooltips
ReCaptcha 1.2.4 1.2.4 TBC No None WIP


Idle? .../lib/recaptcha/ BSD-3 GitHub 2020 last release

This client supports both v2 and v3. PHP 8 support branch

simplesamlphp 1.18.7 final 1.19.6

v2 - RC

TBC No Minor Yes Active ../auth/saml/extlib/simplesamlphp/ GPL 2.1 GitHub

- Make a README.Mahara file
PHP 8 coming in v2.x. Sounds like it should work on 1.19.1 though.

Release candidate for 2.0.0

Select2 4.0.13 4.1 TBC No Major n/a Active .../js/select2/ MIT License


Latest: breaking changes

Aurulent Sans
2007.05.04 2007.05.04 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a .../lib/fonts/ SIL OFL v1.10
Deja Vu Sans
2.37 2.37 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a .../lib/fonts/ DejaVu Fonts
License v1.00
Font Squirrel
Open Sans
1.10 1.10 n/a n/a n/a n/a Unknown .../theme/raw/fonts/ Apache License
version 2.0
Google Fonts Open Sans
Roboto Slab
1.100263 1.100263 n/a n/a n/a n/a Unknown .../theme/raw/fonts/ MIT License Google Fonts Roboto
Fontawesome 6.1.1 6.2.0 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../theme/raw/sass/lib/font-awesome/ SIL OFL 1.1
GitHub | Upgrade steps


Charis SIL
6.001 6.001 n/a n/a n/a n/a Active .././lib/fonts/ SIL OFL About font | Download
TinyMCE 5.10.2 5.10.5 TBC No Patch n/a Active .../js/tinymce/ LGPL 2.1
Downloads | Changelog
📲 Test on mobile
News and updates
Video.js 7.17.0 7.20.3 TBC No Minor n/a Active .../artefact/file/blocktype/
Apache License 2.0
zxcvbn 4.4.2 4.4.2 n/a n/a n/a n/a Inactive, 2017 .../js/zxcvbn/ MIT License GitHub

Composer.json dependencies

Resources: | /mahara/mahara/-/blob/ | mahara/external/composer.json

Run composer external/outdated to check for updates. Last run: 2022-10-5