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Proposal for adjusting where menu items are situated in the main and user menus to make navigating the site easier.

Accompanying discussion

Main menu

No functionality change

Main menu without functionality change

  • No distinction between "Content" and "Portfolio". Everything relating to these two items is placed in the "Create" sub menu except "Export" and "Import", which move to the "Tools" section.
  • The words from the homepage "Create" and "Engage" are re-used to make the connection to these actions.
  • The menu sections receive an icon each, but not the individual items as that would get too busy.
  • The section headings (Create, Engage, Tools) do not go to the first item in that section as they would currently do, but are clickable to expand the section. The chevron stays in place as visual indicator that the section can be expanded / collapsed.

Functionality change

We also looked into the possibility of combining a couple of screens that have similar functionality to allow certain actions to be performed more quickly.

Main menu with functionality change

Same as above plus:

  • Combine the "My groups" and "Find groups" pages into "Groups" and provide all functionality on one screen.
  • Consolidate "My friends" and "People" pages into "People" and use filters to a) show only friends, b) search only friends, others in the institution, everybody

User menu

User menu

The user menu would stay mostly the same as right now. The changes are:

  • A link to the profile setup (Currently under "Content" -> "Profile") and the profile pictures would be added to make these more easily accessible and indicate that they are a user profile rather than portfolio content.
  • The "Inbox" is moved out of the user menu again to make it more visible.
  • The "Logout" link would be separated visually a bit more than it is right now.