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Ce document liste les avenues principales que vous avons identifiées pour améliorer Mahara. Le Plan directeur est l'objet d'une constante réévaluation et amélioration. Vous êtes invité à commenter chaque élément du Plan directeur sur la page adéquate du wiki.

Si vous désirez proposer d'autres nouvelles options pour Mahara, veuillez utiliser le forum prévu à cet effet et non ce wiki.

Mahara 1.2

La sortie de Mahara 1.2 est prévue pour mi 2009. Cette nouvelle version contiendra deux nouvelles fonctions majeures:

  1. Import/Export - Mahara est partenaire du groupe de travail LEAP JISC. LEAP est un standard pour l'interopérabilité des ePortfolios qui permet l'échange des informations à un niveau très fin (dit granulaire, ou atomique). En parallèle, nous développons notre propre système d'exportation basé sur XHTML. Le système d'exportation LEAP devrait permettre l'import/export des données d'un Mahara à un autre, mais aussi d'importer ces données dans d'autres systèmes de gestion de porfolios (consultez pour une liste des partenaires du groupe de travail). L'export en XHTML permettra aux utilisateurs de publier une "version miniature" de leurs fichiers contenus dans Mahara, sous la forme d'un site web.Dans le même temps, nous modifions le code de Mahara pour passer d'un système HTML 4.0 Transitional, aux règles du XHTML 1.0 Transitional.Plus d'information sur l'Import/Export...
  2. Amélioration de la gestion des fichiers - Plusieurs éléments servant à la gestion des fichiers (File Artefacts Plugin) ont été réécrits pour offrir les améliorations suivantes :
    • La section 'Mes Fichiers' fonctionne raisonnablement même quand javascript est désactivé.
    • Nous avons standardisé la manière de lier des fichiers à d'autres artefacts du système à l'aide d'un élément de formulaire générique. Actuellement cette option n'est possible que pour les messages des blogs, mais nous désirons rendre cette fonction accessible dans les forums et dans les autres artefacts pour joindre des fichiers aux messages.
    • La manière d'accéder à un document a aussi été standardisée. Les documents peuvent être consultés en utilisant un système arborscent reproduisant la procédure habituelle pour d'accéder aux fichiers d'un ordinateur.

Future Releases

The following list details areas of work that can be performed on Mahara. They are not listed in any particular order. The order in which they are implemented is open; when they are implemented depends on the Mahara project finding funding for them. Maybe you can help! Providing funding will get a feature implemented faster, and you will be able to influence the behaviour and architecture to advantage your own needs. If you want to do this, get in touch with Richard Wyles.


While Mahara is quite usable as it stands, there are some improvements we can make to improve the usability further. Ideas include redesigning the navigation, using different terminology for some Mahara concepts, theme tweaks and improvements to the View creation interface.

More information about the Usability roadmap item...


A few ideas for the improvement of groups include Group Blogs and the ability for people to mass-add or mass-invite users to Controlled/Invite groups.

More information about the Groups roadmap item...


Blogs can be improved in several ways, including adding commenting to blogs, adding support for RSS and importing blogs into Mahara via RSS.

More information about the Blogs roadmap item...


Mahara does not provide any RSS at all, athough it can syndicate feeds through Views. We could provide feeds for View feedback, forum posts and other activities that involve notifying users in Mahara.

More information about the RSS roadmap item...


There are many things we could do to the View interface, such as improvements to View feedback (editing/deleting feedback), PDF generation, password access, theming support, multipage Views (in effect - 'websites') and more.

More information about the Views roadmap item...


Mahara's Resume plugin provides simple Resume building functionality, but with some effort we can add many new features to it, such as custom fields, Europass CV support, PDF generation and more.

More information about the Resume roadmap item...

Tagging & Searching

Mahara allows the input of tags on many artefacts, and on Views, but does not provide useful ways to search and visualise these tags. In addition, the ability to search both your things and others' things they have made available to you is limited. There are many improvements we could make in these areas.

More information about the Tagging & Searching roadmap item...

Stats & Reporting

Currently there is no way to visualise the kinds of activity taking place on a Mahara installation. While Mahara is user-centred, meaning that it's unlikely we would add the ability to track users right down to the pages they visited, there is definitely scope to add aggregated reports of site activity, such as popular Views, user growth over time, etc.

More information about the Stats & Reporting roadmap item...

Moodle/Mahara Integration

Integration with Moodle is one of the great features of Mahara, and there are so many ways we can build upon the framework in place. Some ideas include linking the two for assessment purposes, automatically creating Mahara Groups to match Moodle Courses, import of content from Moodle and using Moodle's repository API to allow users to use their Mahara resources within Moodle.

More information about the Moodle/Mahara Integration roadmap item...


Mahara's messaging system is simplistic. With some thought, we could come up with a system that allows users to send and recieve all sorts of messages through any medium they choose. Users could respond to forum posts by e-mail, take photos with their camera and send them straight to their file repository or blog through jabber.

More information about the Messaging roadmap item...

Improvements for School Usage

We've gathered some feedback from people either using or intending to use Mahara within a school setting (both "secondary" - 11-17 years - and "primary" - 5-10). As well as theming and wording issues (there is some overlap with usability here), common themes include having more control over the social networking side of the system and ways to get parents involved.

More information about the School Usage roadmap item...