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Mahara has language packs for several languages available, and more are being added all the time. The following table lists the available language packs. You can view the full list of all language pack versions or view the Mahara translation project on Launchpad, which shows how much of Mahara has been translated into each language. A few translations (Arabic, Czech, English (US), and Finnish as of 2012-03-22) are still maintained in an older format in language repositories on Gitorious.

Note: Make sure you download the correct language pack for the Mahara version you are running. Downloading a different version from the version you are running will most likely result in you not seeing all strings translated.

Language Maintainer 1.3 1.4 Master (unstable) Support Group Wiki Documentation
Arabic Muhammad Aljaber, 1.3.X Master
Basque Magari León,
Abel Camacho,
Pedro Lonbide,
Joxemi Andonegi,
Juan Ezeiza,
Iñaki Arenaza
1.3.X 1.4.X Master Mahara Euskaraz
Catalan Joan Queralt,
Albert Gasset
1.3.X Comunitat catalana
Chinese (Traditional) CITE, Hong Kong University 1.3.X
Czech David Mudrak 1.3.X
Danish Henrik Vestergaard Simonsen, Lars Anderson, Aalborg University 1.3.X
Dutch Koen Roggermans,
Patrick Zuidhof,
Peter Wuyts,
Bas Brandts
1.3.X 1.4.X Master Mahara in het Nederlands
English (US) Rich Trott 1.3.X 1.4.X Master
Finnish Antti Koskinen, Heli Karjalainen, Discendum Ltd 1.3.X
French Dominique-Alain Jan,
Nicolas Martignoni
1.3.x 1.4.X Mahara en français Mahara - en français
German Heinz Krettek 1.3.X 1.4.X Master Deutschsprachiges Mahara
Greek Ioannis Katsenos, Nikos Hasiotis, Yannis Kaskamanidis 1.3.X 1.4.x Master
Italian Salvatore De Paolis 1.3.X 1.4.x Master
Japanese Mitsuhiro Yoshida 1.3.X 1.4.X Master Mahara Japanese Mahara日本語ドキュメント
Korean Jong-Dae Park 1.3.X
Maori Ian Cormack 1.4.X Master
Norwegian Guttorm Hveem 1.3.X 1.4.X
Russian Sveta Ilicheva 1.3.X
Slovenian Gregor Anželj 1.3.X Slovenska Mahara
Spanish M C Garcia (aaricia),
Jose Maria Perez,
Antonio Piedras
1.3.X 1.4.X Master Comunidad Mahara en Español Documentación en Español

Note for translators: Wondering why your language isn't here, or the downloads are not all linked up? Please see this forum thread.

'Planning to translate Mahara into your language'?  You can find more information on this page.